Established in 2009, CSR LEBANON LLC. is an independent consulting firm, a social enterprise aiming to raise awareness about Corporate Social Responsibility. Through our consultancy, from strategy to reporting, we provide a better understanding of the CSR concept among the public and private sectors, and in the community.

Our Vision

To Make CSR an essential part of our national culture; towards a National CSR Strategy 

Our Mission

To provide an informative platform to companies, and  support  them in embodying CSR in their core business  strategies and  operations, aiming to align profitability  with sustainability and  human development.


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Dr. Sami Alawiyeh

Executive General Director and Chairman of Litani River Authority

With senior management, executive experience and professionalism reflecting a host of large capabilities, Dr. Alawieh has built his career on a foundation of strong relationships and important impact on all of his surroundings.
As a law professor and lecturer at the Lebanese University since 2012, and over the course of his career, he has earned his skills and knowledge in both the public governmental sector (GM of LRA since 2018), and in the private sector (as an attorney in law and a legal consultant since 2005, with over than 50+ publications in various subjects).
In 2018, he was nominated as “Manager of the year” (according to the “legal Agenda” magazine). With his dedication, persistency and sharp focus on LITANI River Basin management and his aggressive defense towards fighting both its pollution and violations, he is known for his high patriotic interest in saving Litani’s river and continuous thrive to a better healthy environment.