CEO of CSR LEBANON Appointed as UNGC Focal Point

CEO of CSR LEBANON Appointed as UNGC Focal Point

As a result of the dedication in raising awareness on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) across Lebanon and promoting responsible business over the last 4 years, Mr. Khaled Kassar, Founder & CEO of CSR LEBANON, has been officially appointed by the UN Global Compact (UNGC) as the focal point-of-contact in Lebanon to advocate about this global initiative among the private sector, attract new corporations to join the platform, support participants along their transition process, and launch the Global Compact Local Network in Lebanon by 2014.

“The launch of the UN Global Compact and its local network would be an important step forward as we have increased our efforts to raise the awareness among the Lebanese business community of the Global Compact and more companies from Lebanon have joined the initiative,” said Mr. Georg Kell, Executive Director, UN Global Compact Office. “We would like to thank CSR LEBANON for the initiative they have taken to advance the UN Global Compact in Lebanon,” Kell added.

Launched in 2000, the United Nations Global Compact is a call to companies around the world to align their strategies and operations with the Ten Universal Principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption, and to take action in support of broader UN goals.

Consisting of 7,000 corporate participants and more than 2,000 stakeholder signatories from 140 countries, it is the world’s largest corporate responsibility initiative. 

The Global Compact Local Network (GCLN) is a group of UN Global Compact participants within the same country who come together to advance these universal principles at the local level by rooting the GC within different national, cultural and language contexts.

The GCLNs support companies in their efforts in implementing the Global Compact’s Ten Principles while creating opportunities for multi-stakeholder engagement and collective action.

Kassar will work with the UNGC to establish a robust governance structure for the initiative within the first half of 2014.  “It is my hope that by launching the Global Compact Local Network in Lebanon that we attract new participants through our planned outreach and awareness activities as well as mobilize collective action on different priority issues, such as the creation of an enabling environment for corporate citizenship and motivate participating companies to develop partnership projects to contribute to the UN Millennium Development Goals, among other activities,” said Kassar.

“I know this is not an easy mission in an unstable and challenging country like Lebanon, but we always look forward to achieving positive progress in difficult and uncertain times,” he added.

Participation in a GCLN provides companies the opportunity to engage with a variety of stakeholders, including other businesses and representatives from civil society, government, academia, business associations and investors.

GCLNs provide an important base for jump-starting business action and awareness on the ground.

The Global Compact Local Network in Lebanon is currently an Emerging Network (early stages of development), consisting of thirteen participating organizations.

The GCLN Lebanon will engage in various activities in the form of outreach efforts, policy dialogues, partnership projects, and/or knowledge sharing workshops to address issue areas including human rights, labor, environment, anti-corruption, business, financial markets, partnerships and peace.


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