We are proud to announce the Second annual “CSR LEBANON SPRING WEEK” scheduled to take place on April 18th - 21st, 2017.

CSR LEBANON’s team has set up an innovative initiative to engage different stakeholders and train CSR novices and executives, actively engaged youth and women as well as professors, NGOs and specialists on CSR insights. We believe that by bringing together experts and apprentices, we will take one step forward to reaching our slogan of over a decade and successfully work “Towards A National CSR Strategy”.

Through the transmission of stimulating ideas such as “Social Impact”, “Social Entrepreneurship”, and “Responsible Business” that target CSR managers as well as beginners, CSR LEBANON™ fulfills its role in achieving tangible Impact in the social sphere as well as sustainability.

This year, we are focusing on the New Generation of CSR Players by offering a “Start-Up CSR” training courses, for all those who are interested or getting started in this field. 

Kindly refer to the provided brochure for more information